We love events!

We specialize in making your event look GREAT! We'll design your logo, design and print the related collateral and brochures. We'll design and develop your event's microsite and related e-mail stationery. Our copywriter will write and distribute your press releases and newsletters. We'll source out and print the promotional products and giveaways. We'll even design and print your signage and displays. Trade shows, benefits, concerts, walk-a-thons -- You can relax, you're in good hands with VentureWise!


Here's a few of our clients that we've designed/printed/provided event collateral for:

University of Massachussetts at Amherst
Golf outing, Sorority reunion, Homecoming

East Stroudsburg University
Various alumni functions

CFO Conferences & In-Person Training

BioMedtrix Total Joint Conference

American Cavy Breeders Nat'l Specialty

USBands Marching Band Competitions